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Major leadership changes are coming


TBT: (originally published 5/5/13) In the next 5-10 years, the Baby Boomer founders of most of the metro's mid-sized nonprofits will retire. Is it a crisis? A long-time community member considers the scene.

Best of 2013-2014: The Lower Depths


Though this difficult world makes escapist theater a welcome distraction, Sophie is most lifted up by The Lower Depths.

BLOG: Across the Nation

Management | Production | Social Service

Bifurcation in Philly, 99 seaters in LA, and a complete inability to do much in Ferguson.

Best of 2013-2014: The risks


Four shows, three actors, two new plays, and one designer made Marya's list of 2013-2014's most memorable moments.

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Criticism | Vision

TBT: Melodie Bahan loves good performing arts writing so much that she begs arts journalists to make her life as a publicist more difficult.

Playlist profile: Eric Sharp

Training | Vision

"If I’m not there challenging people’s perceptions, nothing changes, and we’re stuck with the way things have always been done."

Greatest Hits: Editor's Pics

Imagining sustainable independent cinema


You thought film was where the money was? Think again. Kevin Obsatz makes an impassioned plea for a sustainable, Minnesota-centric film industry.

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Kevin McLaughlin

Kevin McLaughlin

Kevin McLaughlin performs in The Man in Her Dreams playing at Nimbus Theater this month.

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