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BLOG: Struggle to find words

Posted Dec. 17

Special focus |

At a loss for how to cope with a recent school shooting. Here's words from someone else instead.

BLOG: Election Night

Posted Nov. 6

Special focus |

How are theater folk spending election night?

BLOG: What is Pancake Time?

Posted Sep. 10

Special focus | Innovation

When artists responded to recent criticism of the MN theater scene, well, it's hard to explain what happened exactly. Inside, Sam Johns and Paige Collette try.

BLOG: Actors Against Acting Athletes with Gary Oldman

Posted Jul. 16

Special focus | Tradition

Gary Oldman sends an important message to athletes who act

BLOG: 2012 Fringe Festival helpful items from the past

Posted Jul. 10

Special focus | Fringe

A collection of past MN Playlist writings about or connected to the making and consuming of fringe festival shows

BLOG: Practice Makes Perfect

Posted Jul. 3

Special focus | Training

Actor Katie Kaufmann writes about the actors need for a place to workout her skills to hone and maintain the craft.

BLOG: Running from and towards your voice

Posted Jun. 27

Special focus | Process

A performer, musician, and healer writes about returning to theater after much exploration in other areas

BLOG: That Last Slice of Pie: Twin Cities Improv Festival

Posted Jun. 24

Special focus | Audience

A preview of your last chance to dig in - TCIF 2012's final day.

BLOG: Twin Cities Improv Fest: Day 2!

Posted Jun. 22

Special focus | Audience

News from Twin Cities Improv Fest

BLOG: What Are You working On?

Posted Jun. 19

Special focus | Process | Production

Joshua Humphrey writes about the process of producing a podcast about the process of producing theater

BLOG: You are your own marketing department

Posted Jun. 12

Special focus | Management

quick reality check from a writer and improvisor about selling yourself

BLOG: End of May Theater Cocktails

Posted May. 30

Special focus |

Theater Mixologist John Middleton designs drinks for a few current local productions.

BLOG: Arts Community United Kickoff!

Posted May. 17

Special focus |

55 Arts organizations and hundreds of artists are organizing to oppose the marriage amendment that will be on the ballot in MN in November.

BLOG: Big fat thanks

Posted Jul. 1

Special focus |

Guest editor Levi Weinhagen offers sappy thanks for letting him work on the magazine

BLOG: Read Tom's writing

Posted Jun. 30

Special focus |

Like many others, I have been worrying a lot about our friend Tom Poole. I find reading the articles he wrote here to be medicinal and inspirational.

BLOG: Poorly Attended

Posted Jun. 10

Special focus |

Director Kevin Houle explains why he can't stop directing and enjoy your show.

BLOG: Open letter to Kansas governor Sam Brownback

Posted Jun. 1

Special focus |

Springboard for the Arts' executive director Laura Zabel responds to veto of Arts Commission budget in her home state, Kansas.

BLOG: So, is the man a genius, or is he insane? And why can’t he be both?

Posted May. 26

Special focus |

Thoughts on Mixed Bloods free ticket announcement from a Twin Cities theater insider.

BLOG: Inspired by the elbow drop

Posted May. 23

Special focus |

I didn’t know professional wrestling would someday inform the work I do and love.

BLOG: The Playwrights’ Center: Confessions of a founder

Posted Apr. 27

Special focus | Vision

John Olive reminisces about the early days of the Playwrights' Center.

BLOG: Truth or consequences?

Posted Mar. 31

Special focus |

Isaac Butler casts a gimlet eye on the Mat Smith dust-up over “The Real Reason Playwrights Fail.”

BLOG: From stage to screen

Posted Mar. 23

Special focus | Audience

Isaac Butler muses on why theater is so poorly portrayed on the big screen—and the exceptions.

BLOG: A message from the people who brought you the Legacy Amendment

Posted Feb. 26

Special focus | Management | Social Service

Arts Advocacy Day is Tuesday, March 8. Sheila Smith from Minnesota Citizens for the Arts makes an excellent case for why you need to be there.

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