Ben McGinley

Ben McGinley is a video and performance artist; he often creates work in tandem with his wife Laura Holway. Together this fall they will be launching McGinley Motion, a company dedicated to connecting creative businesses and artists to their audiences through consulting and video services.

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Best of 2011-2012


"Snowfuck" and "A Bun for A Door Handle" lived so far outside the author's traditional theater expectations in a way that felt miraculous.

How to make a video preview for the stage


Can you use film to sell theater? One of our favorite videographers explains how and, especially for new work, why.

Fringe Binge TV!


Filmmaker and actor Ben McGinley drags his camera and his unique sense of humor around the 2009 Fringe Festival, taking in dance, talking to birds, and more.

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BLOG: That flickering tongue

Posted Jun. 21

After words |

The Mad King Thomas show at Bedlam last weekend blew Ben McGinley's mind. Discuss. Warning: This post contains a helluva lot of sexual imagery.